The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of the Allentown Diocese

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

What do you do at your pray meeting?

​Our pray meetings start with an opening Prayer. Then we offer Praise and Worship in music to our Lord with some time between songs to let the Holy Spirt fill you with his Graces. We then do a reading from the Bible which could be the up coming Sunday readings or a reading from the day. we then take a few minute to let the word of God fill us up. After we have two or three questions that we can share on about the readings. We then offer out intentions up to God and close with a Prayer. This is our format unless the HOLY SPIRT has other ideas for the night.

​Come join us 30 minutes early for ADORATION. ( the best way to start off the night)​

The door is always open, come join us on Wednesday nights.

​What is holding you back?